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Best-in-Class Valves & Fittings in fast delivery
Made in Italy top quality garanteed

Sirio is a family-run company located in Valduggia one of the most important area for metal processing in Italy, specialized in the distribution of a huge range of high quality valves, pipe fittings, flanges and other accessories including water intakes, thru-hull, water strainers in all major materials and processings.
Since 1990 Sirio serves succesfully irrigation, industry and marine sectors, in Italy and abroad. Thanks to strong and long-lasting relationships with the best local manufactories, foundries and to a deep expertise and know-how acquired in 30 years of activity, Sirio selects only the best locally to address promptly all kind of supply needs of the market world wide. Taking advantage from reliable carriers and a smart and efficient business model of its Company, Sirio offers to his customer:
    ⁃  Wide range of products in prompt delivery
    ⁃ Support in realizing special products on customer's drawings and technical specifications
    ⁃  Fast tested solutions delivery Certifications and warranty of the Made-in-Italy brand Tested solutions
    ⁃  All this with time and cost savings for its customers.
Sirio can serve promptly and efficiently from a small to a huge quantity of high-quality products, to dealers, big distributors, installators, yachtyards, constructors and everyone looking for fast, efficient and tested solutions. Our customer that rely on Sirio from decades, have contributed to make our Company a strong reality on the market. “Appreciation and loyalty of our Customers is for us a point of pride giving us the right enthusiasm to continue with passion our family tradition.” Alberto Rotti, Amministratore Sirio S.r.l

Ampia gamma di articoli per il settore della nautica disponibili in tutte le varianti di materiali e con certificati di produzione nazionale. Su richiesta realizziamo particolari meccanici dietro vostro disegno tecnico grazie alla collaborazione di officine meccaniche specializzate.


Più di 300 articoli disponibili per il settore irrigazione- agricoltura dalla raccorderia al valvolame in genere tronchetti barilotti e flange, disponibili in vari materiali come bronzo ottone ghisa e inox,il tutto nel pieno rispetto delle normative vigenti.